Moorish Palaces and Gypsy Grottos – Granada

Moorish Palaces and Gypsy Grottos – Granada

The present-day city of Granada was founded in the early eleventh century, three hundred years into the Moors rule over Spain. When a civil war ended in the victory of Berber general Ziri Ibn Manad, he wisely chose to locate the capital of his new kingdom on a high promontory. A millennium later the Alcazar remains one of the wonders of the modern world.

The essence of Andalusia – Seville

Seville’s origins are shrouded in legend, but from the Romans to the Moors and the Catholic Kings, it is the great cultures of the past two millennia that have left their mark on the capital of modern Spain’s southern-most region of Andalusia.

Josette King

Josette King

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