A Most Memorable Thanksgiving, 1944

This most memorable Thanksgiving Day happened over seven decades ago to people who had never heard of Thanksgiving, but on that particular year had much to give thanks for. I feel it’s especially timely this year, to recall this other time in recent history when “the eyes of the world were upon us,” and we, as a nation united, rose to the challenge.

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A Fine-Dining Surprise in Lyon

From its popular Bouchons to internationally revered local chef Paul Bocuse, Lyon is a city that takes its cuisine seriously. Nowhere is that more obvious than at the little known teaching restaurant Vatel.

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Notable Museums of Lyon

First a flourishing Gallo-Roman center, then a financial and industrial powerhouse, Lyon has long been a fertile ground for museums. From fine arts to the history of silk, and from Gallo-Roman civilization to the invention of the cinema, there are over 20 museums in Lyon to satisfy the most diverse interests.

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Not Just Another Paris Bistro – L’Accolade

There are thousands of neighborhood bistros in Paris, dishing out meals that go from banal to “can’t-wait-to-tell-my-friends.” With its generous and imaginative cuisine, newly open L’Accolade is a clear winner in the “tell” category.

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Josette King

Josette King

I was barely in my teens when travel became a driving force in my life. Now as a travel writer and photographer, I have visited over 45 countries in some of the most photogenic corners of the planet, taking tens of thousands of pictures along the way. With my work, I thrive to capture the natural and cultural uniqueness of each area I visit. Get to know me better…

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