Narbo Via – In Search of Narbonne’s Roman Past

Narbo Via – In Search of Narbonne’s Roman Past

In 125 BC, the major Greek port city of Massalia (now Marseille) in the hellenized region of Southern Gaul, threatened by incursions from the Celto-Ligurian tribes of the Provencal hinterland, called for help from its Roman ally. The Senate sent its armies and within...

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A Paleolithic Treasure Under The Sea — Cosquer Cave

A Paleolithic Treasure Under The Sea — Cosquer Cave

In the Cosquer Cave in Marseille, France, a prehistoric treasure trove of rock art paintings lies deep under the sea, unaccessible to anyone but a handful of expert driver-archeologists. Now a precise reproduction of the Paleolithic wonder is open to the public on the Marseille waterfront.

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